{Video} Relocation Information: Moving to Oklahoma City

by Judie Schwerdtfeger

Those of us who have lived in Oklahoma City for years know exactly how much this city has not only grown, but matured. While everyone – of course – always talks about how great their city is, the simple fact is that OKC has become a place that defies the perception of many people who have never visited us before.

The truth of the matter is that Oklahoma City has become a thriving metropolitan area with a vibrant lifestyle. If you’re thinking about moving to Oklahoma City, I thought I’d share with you some excellent video testimonials from professionals and others who have picked up, relocated to Oklahoma City, and love it. My thanks to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce for the fantastic production of these videos.

Why I Moved to Oklahoma City



If you need a relocation guide to Oklahoma City, information on moving to Oklahoma City, want to buy a house in Oklahoma City, are searching for a list of good real estate agents in Oklahoma, or just want to pick the brain of someone who can give you an insider’s view of the place, pick up that phone and call or send me a message.

Oklahoma City Relocation Guide and Information

I’ll give you the straight skinny on whether OKC would be a good fit for you. And, of course, as an Oklahoma City real estate agent who helps folks buy and sell a house from Moore to Edmond to Yukon, I’ll provide an overview of what type of house you can buy in OKC based on your personal situation and needs.


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